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Interactive faucet game

Daily payouts at 12 (UTC) - no fees

Move your mouse to move around. , Press space to split. , Press W to eject some mass. , Hold Q to flood mass. , Press Y to open/close chat. , Press T to chat.
We recommend Chrome Browser for Chopcoin.
Select a public skin or buy a private one.
Get the King of the Hill and win free Bitcoin!, Win 200 Satoshi (0.00000200 BTC) every 3 minutes
Win free Bitcoin every 10 minutes!, Place 1 wins: 1000 Satoshi (0.00001000 BTC), Place 2 wins: 500 Satoshi (0.00000500 BTC), Place 3 wins: 200 Satoshi (0.00000200 BTC), Place 4 wins: 100 Satoshi (0.00000100 BTC), Place 5 wins: 50 Satoshi (0.00000050 BTC), Place 6-20 wins: 30 Satoshi (0.00000030 BTC)
Players: ?/?
Game mode: Deathmatch
Play type: Pot
Time left: ?
Pot value: 200 Satoshi every 3 minutes
Cookie user that have not logged in for over a month and do not have any balance get deleted.
Registered users that have not logged in for over six month get deleted. (The website is no wallet service!)

Unregistered user

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Provisional balance: 0.00000000 BTC (?)


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