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Daily payouts at 12 (UTC) - no fees

Move your mouse to move around. , Press space to split. , Press W to eject some mass. , Hold Q to flood mass. , Press Y to open/close chat. , Press T to chat.
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Select a public skin or buy a private one.
Get the King of the Hill and win free Bitcoin!, Win 200 Satoshi (0.00000200 BTC) every 3 minutes
Win free Bitcoin every 10 minutes!, Place 1 wins: 1000 Satoshi (0.00001000 BTC), Place 2 wins: 500 Satoshi (0.00000500 BTC), Place 3 wins: 200 Satoshi (0.00000200 BTC), Place 4 wins: 100 Satoshi (0.00000100 BTC), Place 5 wins: 50 Satoshi (0.00000050 BTC), Place 6-20 wins: 30 Satoshi (0.00000030 BTC)
Players: ?/?
Game mode: Deathmatch
Play type: Pot
Time left: ?
Pot value: 200 Satoshi every 3 minutes
Your balance 0.00000000 BTC
Your rounds 0
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Your winnings 0.00000000 BTC
Faucet balance 0.37331522 BTC
Total rounds 129602
Total payouts 473063
Total won 19.6166928 BTC
Top 10 (Last Week) 1. komok0.00095920 BTC2. shobra0.00069440 BTC3. Darck0.00047270 BTC4. EGO0.00042230 BTC5. Unregistered user0.00041920 BTC6. Orxan0.00038770 BTC7. Unregistered user0.00031750 BTC8. (@)DASHgirl0.00031470 BTC9. SERGIK0.00031140 BTC10. rastislav3650.00031070 BTC
Top 10 (ALl time) 1. (♔)ChopBitcoin1.56567139 BTC2. (♕)Ocraus0.90302011 BTC3. (♗)0x1d0.86973640 BTC4. BigBro0.59594003 BTC5. MISTEREO0.47137135 BTC6. (✓)IvanKalyada0.43835676 BTC7. spam0.42210179 BTC8. HDP0.40775465 BTC9. (✓)chopik0070.40689126 BTC10. Propagandalf0.35924589 BTC
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